Edible gelatin

Physical and Chemical Specification
Parameters Specification
Bloom & Viscosity
200-220 gm 43-45 m.poise
180-200 gm 40-42 m.poise
150-160 gm 38-40 m.poise
100-140 gm 33-36 m.poise
Moisture Not more than 14%
Ash Content Not more than 2%
ph 5-6
Arsenic Not more than1 mg/k gm
Lead Not more than1.5 mg/k gm
Cadmium Not more than0.5 mg/k gm
Mercury Not more than0.15 mg/k gm
So2 Not more than 40 p.p.m
Appearance Gelatin Powder
Mesh 20- 40
Color Faint Yellow Color
Solubitity Not soluble in cold water but swells and soften then soluble when heat till 60C forming jelly on cooling insoluble in organic solvent soluble in acetic acid
Validity 3 years from Production Date
Microbiological Test Specification
Total Bacterial Count less than1000 c.f.u/gm
Salmonella Absent
E-coli Absent

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